Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Burnt out

Dress - River Island  |  Boots - ASOS  |  Jewellery - Neck on the Line


So today I chose a new location to take my outfit photo. I like this place in my garden with the white painted wooden door and the overgrowth of green plants. Today's outfit consists of a new dress I purchased from River Island. This cold-shouldered burnt-out grey dress is so light and comfy and perfect for this ridiculously hot weather. Since the dress is so simple, I paired it with some chunky black lace up boots. They have a leather-look about them which makes them a bit edgy and cool. They are also super comfy to wear, which is always good.  I also recently purchased a few jewellery pieces from Neck on the Line which is a handmade jewellery shop with cute little pieces such as opal crystals and elephant curb chains.

Sophie x

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mike Digman at The Borderline, London

Cami Top - Newlook  |  Shorts - Topshop  |  Bag - H&M  |  Necklace- Neck on the Line

Had such an amazing time at the Borderline seeing Mike Dignam. We arrived at about 5 and got caught out in the torrential rain sharing one umbrella .. My shorts were drenched and my hair was ridiculous and tangled. Also sandals in the rain aren't fun so I ran and spent £20 on socks and umbrellas. The doors opened at 7 and the atmosphere was awesome. The opening support act Shaun Cowill was amazing. His voice was soo lovely and he played his own songs alongside a mixup cover with some Sam Smith and 5 Seconds of Summer. Natasha North the second support act had a stunning voice also and played all her own songs. Mike came  on at around 9 with his band. They were all so talented and they played all my favourite songs and a couple of new ones which I am now in love with ! Also for a quick pic with Mike afterwards which was lovely! Had such a great evening with my friend Chelsea and everyone should defiantly give Mike's music a listen on Youtube and give his EP's a download ! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The mom jean

Top - Primark  |  Mom Jeans - River Island  |  Wedges - Newlook (similar)


This is actually the first pair of mom jeans I have ever brought. For a long time I had always been put off by the slouchy baggy style but after purchasing a pair I do not regret it. I chose these black acid wash ones from River Island. They were in the sale so I wanted to try them and I am so pleased with them. The fit is amazing and the high waist adds some femininity to it which I love! I pair them with a light limey-green high neck top which has a tropical embroidered print. The light colour is suitable for this odd 'summer' weather. I paired the outfit with some high black wedges with a double strap fastening. They are simple and structured in comparison to the slouchy mom jeans and baggy patterned top.

Sophie x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

White out

 Bralet - Handmade by @nhutchins1 (DEPOP)  |  Skirt - River Island (similar)  |  Necklaces - Handmade by me @primrocks (DEPOP)


I am a lover of basic colours and simple statement pieces and I think limited palettes such as in this all white outfit is actually extremely effective. The skirt is a slightly off-white colour with embossed croc print which adds some texture. I paired it with this plain white v-neck bralet which i purchased from a lovely handmade 2-piece seller on DEPOP (username listed above). She makes amazing bralets with a tie-back which are so comfy and feminine. I accessorised with a layered necklace, handmade by myself and these add some depth to the look.

Sophie x

Saturday, 12 July 2014


Top - Boohoo (similar)  |  Skirt - H&M (similar)  |  Plaid Top - Burton  |  Sandals - H&M

Although including an imitation leather skirt, this look is still quite laid back. The tied plaid shirt around the waist creates the 'thrown it on' kind of look, which has been forever popular. A plain grey halter-neck top sits well against the high waist of the skirt. Also the plain colour contrasts to the patterns and colour mixtures in the shirt. I've paired some black crossed pool sliders (a cheaper alternative to Birkenstocks) with this outfit to again add to the laid back style. Both the Buddha necklace and the heart stamped 'AS IF' necklace were handmade by me, and are available to buy from my DEPOP: @primrocks.

Sophie x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Checkin' lace

Top - H&M  |  Bralet - H&M  |  Coat - Dorothy Perkins  |  Jeans - ASOS  |  Flatforms - Newlook  |  Rings - H&M, eBay  |  Necklace - Handmade by myself - DEPOP: @primrocks  |  Choker - Handmade by - DEPOP: @singularisjewellery


I think everyone knows that black is such a staple colour and mixing blacks can actually be rather creative rather than dull. With this outfit I chose to mix some textures alongside a simple print. Wearing a bralet underneath a lace or sheer top is such a feminine alternative to cami's. I always feel like a cami top underneath is too much, and draws attention away from the beautiful print of the lace. I am in love with triangle bralets as they are soft and comfy to wear, whilst always looking rather edgy and different (H&M have a great range of different colours). To contrast slightly I have chosen a pair of high waisted jeans in a washed black colour. The look of wear adds to the overall effect of the outfit. Since the weather is still rather bleak and miserable, coats are essential. To add a bit of 'colour' and some patterns I've chosen my favourite oversized checkered wool-feel coat. Finally I added a pair of black flatforms to add some height but the shoes are not too over powering, they are rather simple with a double strap buckle. I've also added some chunky rings alongside twisted silver midi rings, and some of my handmade necklaces (link to my DEPOP above).

Sophie x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Get to know me

Since I have just started this blog, I feel like it would be a good idea to do a 50 facts about me tag for people to get to know me a little bit. I searched online and found this list of questions which will tell you a little bit about myself.
1. Name?
My name is Sophie, nice to meet you.
2. Hair color?
My hair is naturally a mousy brown, but I dye it dark brown, but am thinking of going lighter
3. Height?
I am fairly tall at 5ft 8" and growing..
4. How many sibling do you have? 
1, my sister
5. Favorite actor? 
Ian Somerhalder, in Vampire Diaries. Watch it and you'll know why
6. Favorite movie? 
About time - the message is so important
Also, the Bee Movie, Devil Wears Prada, 13 going on 30.. (I know the entire scripts)
7. Superhero you would be? 
Catwomen, is she a superhero? 
8. Eye color? 
Boring brown
9. Favorite number? 
I don't have one really
10. First letter of your middle name 
11. Where do you live? 
Kent, England - soon to be Southampton
12. Favorite country?
Greece! For sure. So friendly and such a beautiful country. Love it
 13. Where would you travel to at this moment?
America. Or Aus
14. Who do you miss the most right now? 
My sister
15. Last thing you did before answering this?
Packing up some jewellery orders for customers!
16. How much time on computer per day? 
Too much.
17. Favorite food? 
Mint chocolate chip ice cream 
18. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Uhh.. Chocolate
19. Tell me a joke.
Knock Knock..
"Whos there?"
"Scot Who?"
Scot nothing to do with you
.. hahaha 
20. Religious? 
I follow aspects and teachings of the Buddhist religion but I don't think I can call myself a Buddhist
21. Are you funny?
I think I am
22. What sports do you like? 
I used to ice-skate, and I often run in the mornings
23. Age? 
17, (almost 18)
24. Favorite hobby?
Is eating a hobby? Because it's mine
25. Cursive or print? 
26. Favorite book? 
The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and This Perfect World by Suzanne Bulger
27. You know the YMCA song? 
Of course 
28. Favorite song? 
Chocolate - The 1975
29. Would you consider yourself to be artistic? 
Yes, I would. I have an interest in music, art and style
30. Any questions you would like to ask me? 
31. What level in Y/A are you at? 
32. Shake or malt? 
This is very American but a Shake.
33. Believe in true love? 
I don't know
34. Number of Facebook friends 
35. Have a Facebook? 
I do yes
36. Do you think these are good questions 
They are rather creative, yes
37. Apple or banana? 
Banana, banana, banana
38. Favorite color? 
39. Glasses? 
Sometimes for general use/ reading
40. Contacts? 
41. Black or white? 
42. Salt or sugar 
43. Mum or Dad? 
44. Describe yourself using one word.
45. Pet(s)? 
Two dogs, two fat bunnies and a kitty cat
46. Name of pet(s)? 
Dogs - Olli and Ralphie; Rabbits - Soots and Lottie; Cat - Boots
47. If you could, what would you buy right now? 
ASOS Black/ white duster coat or vagabond boots
48. Number you are thinking of right now.
49. Favorite class subject? 
50. Did you like this list?
Yes, Yes I did.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Green day

 Jumper - New look  |  Black High-Waist Jeans - ASOS  |  Heeled Boots - ASOS  |  Rings - H&M, eBay, Claires  |  Necklaces - Handmade By Myself 


Since summer hasn't fully arrive yet, I feel that it is still acceptable to wear my lime green jumper. The material is so light-weight and not too thick, and the sleeveless attribute makes it suitable for the transition from spring to summer. I paired this bright jumper with a pair of high-waisted black jeans with busted knees. ASOS definitely have an amazing range of soft, comfy ridley jeans and the rise on them is perfect. I chose my chunky black heeled boots also from ASOS (similar ones in Topshop) to add to this soft grunge look. The laces act as an extra accessory to compensate for the lack of colour. I'm really into silver jewellery at the moment, especially big statement rings so I chose this Tibetan silver ring alongside some smaller twisted stacking rings. The blue stone ring also adds some colour to this look. The two necklaces are both handmade by me. You can buy both my chokers and stamped necklaces from my DEPOP: @primrocks

Hi my names sophie

Ok so since I am starting fashion uni in September, I thought it would be a good idea (and I've always wanted to) to start up my own fashion blog. My blog will be mainly focused on fashion, style, beauty, events and a little insight into my life and my inspirations! I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes :--)

- Sophie