Thursday, 10 July 2014

Get to know me

Since I have just started this blog, I feel like it would be a good idea to do a 50 facts about me tag for people to get to know me a little bit. I searched online and found this list of questions which will tell you a little bit about myself.
1. Name?
My name is Sophie, nice to meet you.
2. Hair color?
My hair is naturally a mousy brown, but I dye it dark brown, but am thinking of going lighter
3. Height?
I am fairly tall at 5ft 8" and growing..
4. How many sibling do you have? 
1, my sister
5. Favorite actor? 
Ian Somerhalder, in Vampire Diaries. Watch it and you'll know why
6. Favorite movie? 
About time - the message is so important
Also, the Bee Movie, Devil Wears Prada, 13 going on 30.. (I know the entire scripts)
7. Superhero you would be? 
Catwomen, is she a superhero? 
8. Eye color? 
Boring brown
9. Favorite number? 
I don't have one really
10. First letter of your middle name 
11. Where do you live? 
Kent, England - soon to be Southampton
12. Favorite country?
Greece! For sure. So friendly and such a beautiful country. Love it
 13. Where would you travel to at this moment?
America. Or Aus
14. Who do you miss the most right now? 
My sister
15. Last thing you did before answering this?
Packing up some jewellery orders for customers!
16. How much time on computer per day? 
Too much.
17. Favorite food? 
Mint chocolate chip ice cream 
18. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Uhh.. Chocolate
19. Tell me a joke.
Knock Knock..
"Whos there?"
"Scot Who?"
Scot nothing to do with you
.. hahaha 
20. Religious? 
I follow aspects and teachings of the Buddhist religion but I don't think I can call myself a Buddhist
21. Are you funny?
I think I am
22. What sports do you like? 
I used to ice-skate, and I often run in the mornings
23. Age? 
17, (almost 18)
24. Favorite hobby?
Is eating a hobby? Because it's mine
25. Cursive or print? 
26. Favorite book? 
The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and This Perfect World by Suzanne Bulger
27. You know the YMCA song? 
Of course 
28. Favorite song? 
Chocolate - The 1975
29. Would you consider yourself to be artistic? 
Yes, I would. I have an interest in music, art and style
30. Any questions you would like to ask me? 
31. What level in Y/A are you at? 
32. Shake or malt? 
This is very American but a Shake.
33. Believe in true love? 
I don't know
34. Number of Facebook friends 
35. Have a Facebook? 
I do yes
36. Do you think these are good questions 
They are rather creative, yes
37. Apple or banana? 
Banana, banana, banana
38. Favorite color? 
39. Glasses? 
Sometimes for general use/ reading
40. Contacts? 
41. Black or white? 
42. Salt or sugar 
43. Mum or Dad? 
44. Describe yourself using one word.
45. Pet(s)? 
Two dogs, two fat bunnies and a kitty cat
46. Name of pet(s)? 
Dogs - Olli and Ralphie; Rabbits - Soots and Lottie; Cat - Boots
47. If you could, what would you buy right now? 
ASOS Black/ white duster coat or vagabond boots
48. Number you are thinking of right now.
49. Favorite class subject? 
50. Did you like this list?
Yes, Yes I did.

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