Thursday, 4 September 2014


On the 3rd of September I attended the Bloggers Love Fashion Week held in Number 1 Penthouse, Leicester Square. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and had a very minimalist interior design style. Set up were a variety of different fashion and beauty brands with a bar and some cake tables dotted about. It was a great opportunity to talk to other bloggers about their style and interests and also to meet new brands and view new products that are very up and coming.

I was given a variety of different clothing pieces and accessories alongside a few beauty products which I have already used and have fallen in love with (review blog posts to follow). Bloggers were able to ask about the companies brands/ products and their collections and future ideas. A few of the beauty brands included Exuviance who showcased a skin-care line focusing on anti-ageing serums and high SPF moisturisers, and Oxygenetix who provide a 'breathable' foundation created for giving high coverage but maintaining healthy skin. They are currently working on bringing out other products such as concealers. A few of the fashion companies that caught my eye were Syreetabadu who created a line of brightly printed prints and extravagant style dresses, and FYT & Co. whose collection consists of backpacks and tote bags alongside clutch bags and hats, all made from the bamboo plant which gives the products a ridiculously soft feel. I will defiantly be purchasing a beanie from them in the near future!

The evening concluded with a fashion show which showcased different brands collections and signature pieces. It was great seeing previews of new pieces and collections which have not launched as of yet. One design caught my eye especially and that was a deep navy lace gown. It was so gorgeous and was simple yet extremely accessorised with sequins and rhinestones.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyable and as a newbie fashion blogger, a good experience as well as I got to meet some new faces and some new brands and lines of products.

Big thanks to Bloggers Love for organising the event and also all the brands and companies for taking part and letting us take a few bits home to try for ourselves!

Sophie x

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