Sunday, 28 September 2014


Apologies for not having posted in so so long but with my move to University as well as freshers week and settling in I just haven't had the time. Although this isn't an outfit post I still feel as though I want to share this group project work which was our first task when we started induction week at uni. 

Over the summer we were asked to bring in a selection of white objects including clothing, accessories, make-up ect. We were also asked to select several images of which inspired us and which were to our specific taste and personal style. 

As a group our task was to use our inspirations and a mixture of the items we had brought to create an overall shoot image. Our original idea was focused on the popular trend Sports Luxe, however this being an already well known trend we adapted the idea slightly. We created an almost 'futuristic' look focusing on experimenting with textures and layers. 

The make-up to which both myself and Charlotte worked on was made up of a very natural dewy-looking skin with strong champagne coloured highlights and dark contours. We then took upon the initial focus of white and injected that into the makeup. Her eyes were dusted with a thick layer of eye shadow and bold eyeliner. As for her hair we slicked it back and dusted it slightly with some white powder and created a gradient effect. Subtle yet effective.

The overall images as shown above were photographed by us but not selected to be our 3 images. However I am so pleased with how they came out. We wanted that robotic/ athletic looking pose whilst still maintaining some degree of femininity, and I believe we achieved this.

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