Thursday, 14 May 2015

Colour Popping

Top - ASOS  |  Skirt - River Island  |  Heels - Primark  |  Bag - Mulberry


These images were actually part of a Spring/ Summer Bag Advertisement project shoot, which I helped a friend by 'modelling'. The clothes worn are still my personal style which I would wear on a typical summers day, if the weather is really bright and warm. White is such a risky colour as it's bold and also so light that it can easily get dirty/ matched with the wrong shade of white, so it's not very often I would choose to wear an all white outfit. The heels, although from Primark, are of such good quality. The height is a bit of an issue, the 6-inch heel is very steep and being that I am already 5 ft 9, I rarely wear these to prevent myself looking ridiculously tall. Wearing colour is a rare thing for me, but I absolutely loved that bright orange mulberry and it could also be paired with a full black attire. This shoot was fun and it was kinda cool being a model for a day. 

Sophie x