Thursday, 4 June 2015

Matching Black

Top - New Look  |  Skirt - New Look  |  Shoes - New Look  |  Hat - Jigsaw |  Bangles - H&M

Hey. So pretty much this entire outfit was from New Look, it's such an inexpensive clothes shop and the items are such good quality. I've really wanted to improve my blog pictures as the quality of them isn't great but it's hard as i'm having to shoot them image myself on a timer (it's so hard to focus the images). I also want to invest in a better lens rather than the standard lens the camera came with. Of course it is ridiculously expensive so I will be saving for a while..

Naturally I am wearing all black which in my house is SO hard as I have a lot of animals that shed fur so they don't really stay black for that long. I'm not often a wear of hats but my auntie brought my this amazing quality one which actually sit nicely on my head. It's a dark burgundy fedora style hat and I really like it :-)

Sophie x

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