Friday, 14 August 2015

Mary-Lou Manizer (theBalm)


I am so excited to review this product as I've heard so many great things about it. So naturally I dived in and purchased it to try for myself.

Firstly, theBalm have unique packaging; very retro and dapper and completely unlike anything I've seen before in a beauty range. The Mary-Lou Manizer comes in a silver plastic container with 8.5g of product. It's lightweight and flips open revealing a large mirror. I'm always a fan of this style of packaging. No time is spent on creating a pretty inside, they just whack in a huge great big mirror and I love it! Also they haven't skimped on product either, they've literally filled the entire pan to the top.

"The Luminizer" is a golden toned highlighter, with a heck load of shimmer in it and it's gorgeously pigmented. The consistency is super creamy and blendable, and you only need a tiny bit to go a long way. I've been wearing this highlighter every day for a week now, and am pleased to say that it's defiantly one that lasts all day long. Although relatively inexpensive (retailing at £17.50), this product is defiantly going to last a long long time. 

This highlighter works well for those with both warm and cool toned complexions. In terms of applying this product, it's best to use a brush and apply it on the areas of you face that need... highlighting. I'm currently using the 'Setting Brush' by Real Techniques and it works perfectly! Places to apply this highlighter include along the apples of your cheek and up towards your temple, down the middle of your nose, the center of you forehead, your upper lip and the center of your chin. Avoid caking it on as it can look fake and much too bright. A gentle application is best in creating a natural, glowing look.

So this is my first proper review of a beauty product and I hope it was as informative and detailed as possible and I plan to be doing many more. Also if you're after a recommendation, then I would say yes! Defiantly purchase this product if you're after a daily golden highlighter.The photos I've taken defiantly do not do this highlighter justice at all.

I would also like to mention that theBalm is a cruelty free brand!! So pleased to find this out as no bunnies or other beautiful beings were harmed so we can enjoy this product. I will only ever be reviewing (and purchasing) cruelty-free beauty products so please enjoy my weekly series of Beauty without Bunnies!

Sophie x

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